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If the previous work is published in a peer-reviewed venue, then it should be cited, but in the third person so that it is not revealed that the cited work and the submitted paper share one or more authors.

Q: Our submission makes use of work from a Ph D or master’s thesis, dissertation, or report which has been published. A: It’s perfectly OK to publish work arising from a Ph D or master’s degree, and there’s no need to cite it in an ICSE submission that is undergoing double-blind review because prior dissertation publication does not compromise novelty.

Please note that the Double Blind Review (DBR) process is not used by all tracks.

Check in the call for papers whether DBR is used or not. There are many reasons for a submission track to employ a double-blind review process – not the least being the considerable number of requests to do so from the community.

Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory.

ICSE is the premier forum for presenting and discussing the most recent and significant technical research contributions in the field of Software Engineering.

What should I do about acknowledging that previous work?

A: If the work you are submitting for review has previously been published in a non-peer-reviewed venue (e.g., ar, or a departmental tech report), there is no need to cite it, because work that has not been refereed is not truly part of the scientific literature.

If a submission is accepted, at least one author of the paper is required to attend the conference and present the paper in person.

In addition, the authors will be later invited to submit artifacts related to the paper to be evaluated by the Artifact Evaluation Committee.


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