Teenage Depression Essay

Teenage Depression Essay-19
It will never be a teenager's fault for what is said to them, because only those who have such cruel things flow out of their mouths can control what they say.Countless people have this feeling every single day.

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Major Depressive Disorder is known as the leading cause for suicide in the U. Almost 2,000 of those 7,000 deaths, are teenagers or young adults (Callaghan).

This means that thirty-five percent of the suicide deaths per day due only to depression, are young adults and teenagers.

Depression is caused by many things, and media plays a huge part in how much teenagers are affected by it.

It is a major issues in our society today and is only getting worse.

Suicide is the third leading cause for deaths amongst ages 15 through 25, which broadens the spectrum.

One could commit suicide due to depression, a major loss, anxiety, being tormented or harassed, etc.

After a statement like that, one might think that they age group just recalled is responsible for the most suicides. The elderly, ages 65 and older take part in more than twenty percent of all suicides (Suicide)yberbullying is seen as a cruel and unusual thing to do towards another human.

However, by most teenagers, it is seen as a big joke, unless you are on the receiving end of the situation.

During most assemblies, a teenager’s parents will come and and speak about their child committing suicide due to being cyberbullied.

That teen is dead, and is no longer here due to the hateful words of another human being.


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