The Great Gatsby Essay About Daisy

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She once again becomes an illusionist in 1922 when she embarks on an affair with Gatsby, leading him to believe that she will leave Tom for him, only for this illusion to be broken when she reveals she can’t tell Tom she “never loved him’’.

This illusion is the basis of the novel and thus the reason that the theme of illusion dominates the novel.

He is rumoured to have “killed a man’’, takes long distance phone calls late at night and associates with Meyer Wolfsheim, a notorious gangster.

When questioned about his wealth Gatsby simply says that he inherited it.

Whilst Jay Gatsby is an illusion created to make Daisy fall in love with him, Daisy Buchanan also creates an illusion of her own.

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Daisy twice leads Gatsby to believe that she loves him, creating the illusion that the two of them will be together only to break this.As well as being an illusionist Gatsby is under the illusion that he can change the past.Additionally it could be argued that the attendees of Gatsby’s parties are illusionists in their own right.Corruption runs alongside the illusionists and they portray two various types; criminal corruption and moral corruption.Gatsby built his fortune on corruption; engaging in criminal activities to create ‘Jay Gatsby’.As well as being an illusionist, Gatsby is also under the illusion that he has the ability to change the past.His previous romance with Daisy failed as he wasn’t wealthy enough to provide everything that Daisy longed for.Moral corruption is evident in the characters who partake in adultery; examples being Tom and Myrtle.Daisy is an example of how characters can be corrupted by their beliefs.As a result of this the theme of illusion is predominate in the novel.As a final note on the theme of illusion, it could also be argued that Gatsby’s party guests create an illusion of their own.


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