The Purpose Of Critical Thinking

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Once they identifying the correct facts they will be able to think collaboratively of different ways to proceed.

With this understanding, the individual can reach an opinion base on the available information and arrive at a conclusion.

It takes practice to learn how to swing a hammer or use a hacksaw or strip a wire, and it also takes practice to use those tools together to perform specific tasks, like tighten up the brakes on a ten-speed bike, or install a new bathroom sink, or use an ultrasound to determine the condition of a fetus.

So, just as with a real toolbox, it’s the critical thinking task that determines what tools belong in your critical thinking toolbox, and what sorts of training or instruction are needed to get better at using those tools.

Unfortunately, there is no all-purpose critical thinking system for solving problems.

There are some general, high-level thinking skills, but these are almost never applied by themselves to solve problems.Or plan how to organize my weekly schedule so that I can have a first draft of my novel written before the end of January.These are very different tasks, and they require different skill sets to successfully manage.The values that motivate you and guide your inquiry are tools also.What you’re learning when you improve your thinking skills, when you learn to make better judgments and decisions, is how to use these tools to solve the problems that you encounter in the world. It’s the belief that there’s a general faculty of critical reasoning that can be expressed in terms of a method, or procedure, for approaching and solving problems.I get this all the time from bright, well-meaning people who are looking for an all-purpose critical thinking system, or think they’ve found such a system.But an electrician’s toolbox is going to include tools that aren’t in a carpenter’s toolbox or a car mechanic’s toolbox, because the tasks specific to electrical work require specialized tools, and vice versa.In fact, it’s the task that determines which tools are appropriate and should be a part of a given toolbox. Yes, there are some general thinking skills, but specific critical thinking tasks require specific tools, and so the toolbox is going to look different for different tasks.None of these can be captured in a general method for problem solving. The skills and background knowledge and habits of thought that are relevant to critical thinking are like tools in a toolbox. Your background knowledge, in all its various dimensions, is a set of tools.Your skills at argumentation and persuasion are another set of tools.


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