The Scarlet Ibis Essay

Reasons for this include development of coastal areas, water pollution, and depletion of food sources.

Scarlet ibises are colonial nesters, meaning that they nest in large flocks; they rely on the presence of other birds of their own species.

Doodle is associated with winged and divine beings, just as the bird is literally a winged creature.

Both boy and bird are characterized by sacred imagery.

A native of the South American tropics, the scarlet ibis is vivid red.

Its color derives from the shrimps that form the bulk of its diet; if there are no shrimps, it loses its color.

Thus, through the character of Doodle, the reader understands both pain and joy in death.

In our materialistic approach to life, we are so self-engrossed that we fail to see and decode the symbols all around us Symbolism in The Scarlett Ibis In “The Scarlet Ibis,” James Hurst mentions the arrival of the scarlet ibis in the first sentence, suggesting that it has major significance.

Several people in society rated people belonging to minority groups.

For many affected people, this unpleasant prejudice or unreasonable treatment can not be completely avoided.


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