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The Thesis Statement Of A Research Essay Should-60
So, in the previous example you would be well-advised to claim: "Parents should control what sites their children visit on the internet because of the wide availability of adult content, sexual predators lurking, and a possibility to fall victim to dangerous religious cults." You state your opinion and give compelling arguments as to why you believe it is true.In other words, the formulation of a strong thesis statement includes: As we have mentioned, it's usually advisable to use three arguments for a claim, and this is especially the case in shorter high school or middle school essays.

Here is a sample of a weak thesis statement that uses imprecise terms and lacks specificity: "Eating healthy is important." Of course, it is. A strong and specific thesis statement could sound something like this: "Regular consumption of fruit and vegetables lowers cholesterol levels and helps maintain a healthy body weight in persons over 40." Why is this thesis strong?

Almost everyone agrees this is true but why should they read the rest of your paper? It specifies what kind of diet you encourage, why, and for whom.

Here, you will find examples of a thesis statement, with explanations of how they were formulated and why.

For instance – in an attempt to answer the question: "Is jogging good or bad and why?

Declaring facts that no one would dispute is useless.

The reader should be able to oppose or challenge your point of view.Good thesis statement examples for this type of essay include: “To make a strawberry cake you need to buy all the ingredients, find a recipe, and follow the instructions carefully." Note the rule of three which you should apply for most thesis statements.You either list three pieces of information as we did here or three reasons why you think your opinion is correct in argumentative essays.Another strong informative thesis statement might say: “Global warming leads to melting of the permafrost, changes in biodiversity, and extinction of certain animal species." Merely stating that "global warming leads to important environmental changes" is not enough.It fails to provide answers as to what changes your paper will discuss or why they are worth hearing.Although a lot of people would probably agree with your statement, it wouldn't prompt them to read your paper or find out why you think this so.Having everyone agree with you is not something you look for when formulating a thesis statement.In persuasive thesis statements, you take a stance and explain why you think your opinion is correct.If your opinion is, for example, that "Parents should control their children's internet use" it's not enough to end this sentence with a general claim "because it can be dangerous." An effective thesis includes specific arguments for your point, invites your reader to read on, and opens a possibility for discussion.If the topic of the essay is broad, you need to narrow it down in your thesis statement.You cannot possibly cover all the significant consequences of global warming, so your reader needs to know on which ones you intend to focus.


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