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Divorce is a crisis involving a very real end, but it is also a very real new beginning.Divorce is the end of a chapter of life, but not the end of life itself (even though it may feel that way).

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We'll be dealing with the emotional and legal aspects of divorce separately in this document.

The final thing to know up front about divorce is that divorce is not the end of the world.

Under the social pressure of so many divorces, the stigma that used to be attached to divorce is largely gone.

It continues to be painful to divorce, but with so much company, it is no longer a lonely isolated place.

From a legal perspective, divorce is a process of disengaging partners from the legal marriage contract and making sure that those things the spouses are responsible for (including children and property) are properly accounted and cared for.

The very rational and purposeful legal process of divorce contrasts mightily with the chaotic and emotional aspects of divorce which involve coming to grips with rather massive life changes as significant and shattering as any family death and which may involve significant grief, anger, sadness and pain.But modern divorce can also take place amicably, consciously and without a court battle.Marriage therapy can help conflicted partners to repair their marriage, or, if that is not possible, to separate on as positive terms as is possible.The ease with which a divorce can be obtained, the social stigma attached to divorce, and the amount of control religious and political powers have exercised over divorce have varied significantly over time and cultures.On the one hand, some accounts suggest that Islamic law at one point allowed a man to divorce his wife by simply stating the phrase "I divorce you" three times.Despite widespread familiarity with the effects of divorce, the details of the divorce process are less well known.In this section, we discuss the important concepts and procedures involved in the divorce process with the sincere hope that educating people regarding this information will help minimize pain.For better or for worse, divorce is a very common event these days.Most everyone has been touched by it, either by going through it themselves as a spouse or a child, or knowing someone who has gone through it as a spouse or as a child.The third thing to know about divorce is that it isn't always awful.With the availability of no-fault divorce options, the process of divorce is no longer necessarily adversarial.


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