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What I chose to do was provide 3 options that I believe will cover most cases.Maybe in the future Word Press will add additional hooks or alter the whole comments system to make the comment form use a template thus allow for easier manual placement.

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Until then, a little pain was necessary to make this happen.

Version 2.1 Update After a few quick releases to fix some minor issues, I’ve pushed version 2.1 to the repository.

I've tried googling every combination of keywords I can think of and have tried posting on the Buddy Press support forums, but haven't been able to get any help at all over there.

Maybe someone here might be able to provide me with a bit of insight? The template file looks like: And all of that actually appears twice on the page itself, once in an inline script tag and then once as article text as shown in the screenshot above.

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Version 2.0 Update Version 2.0 of this plugin has been released.It includes a number of changes to base code, bringing it more inline with current Word Press standards.* Added a number of enhancements that allow for field validation.Support I’ll do my best to support any issues that crop up with the plugin.If you run into an issue, either shoot us a note via the contact page or simply leave a comment below.I don't get any javascript errors that I can see in my console.I'd really appreciate anyone that might be able to help me troubleshoot this. Well, I had this issue for about a week, but only nine hours after posting this question here I randomly stumbled upon the source of the problem.FAQ No, this plugin uses some of the same functions and function names and will most likely cause you problems if you try and run them together.No, this plugin uses some of the same functions and function names and will most likely cause you problems if you try and run them together.A few months ago Word Press and Word Press MU merged with the release of the Wordpres 3 series.This was awesome if you ran multisites as now the code bases were a single branch.


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