Thesis Approach Section

Thesis Approach Section-35
Look at the very brief outlines of different methods below.

Look at the very brief outlines of different methods below.

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You need to take expert advice in setting up a questionnaire, ensure that all the information about the respondents which you need is included and filled in, and ensure that you actually get them returned.

Expecting people to pay to return postal questionnaires is sheer folly, and drawing up a really lengthy questionnaire will also inhibit response rates.

You will need to ensure that questions are clear, and that you have reliable ways of collecting and managing the data.

Setting up a questionnaire that can be read by an optical mark reader is an excellent idea if you wish to collect large numbers of responses and analyse them statistically rather than reading each questionnaire and entering data manually.

You will find that you will need to read all the comments through and to categorise them after you have received them, or merely report them in their diversity and make general statements, or pick out particular comments if they seem to fit your purpose.

If you decide to use interviews: Questionnaires often seem a logical and easy option as a way of collecting information from people.If you are going to use interviews you will have to decide whether you will take notes (distracting), tape the interview (accurate but time consuming) rely on your memory (foolish) or write in their answers (can lead to closed questioning for time’s sake).If you decide to interview you will need to draw up an interview schedule of questions which can be either closed or open questions, or a mixture of these.Their layout is an art form in itself because in poorly laid out questionnaires respondents tend, for example, to repeat their ticking of boxes in the same pattern.If given a choice of response on a scale 1-5, they will usually opt for the middle point, and often tend to miss out subsections to questions.However, often collections of statistics and number crunching are not the answer to understanding meanings, beliefs and experience, which are better understood through qualitative data.And quantitative data, it must be remembered, are also collected in accordance with certain research vehicles and underlying research questions.Closed questions tend to be used for asking for and receiving answers about fixed facts such as name, numbers, and so on.They do not require speculation and they tend to produce short answers.Your research will dictate the kinds of research methodologies you use to underpin your work and methods you use in order to collect data.If you wish to collect quantitative data you are probably measuring variables and verifying existing theories or hypotheses or questioning them.


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