Thesis Bond Paper Size

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It is whitened through the application of chemicals.

These chemicals leave an acid residue in the paper that make it less durable over time.

For example, John Smith, Associate Professor of Biology.

The word chair or director should appear after the faculty title as appropriate.

Many universities require the copy that is printed for the archive to be printed on a special kind of paper to maximize its durability.

Most paper today is made from wood pulp that is processed into a slurry with water and then manufactured into large thin sheets.

Princeton also recommends, though does not require, that the paper be made of 25 percent cotton.

Prior to the advent of wood-based paper in the 19th century, virtually all paper was made of linen or cotton.

Note which items are in all upper case and which are not. The degree must be shown as Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Music, or Master of Architecture.

The month shown on the title page should be that in which the final copy is submitted to the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies or the month in which the degree will be conferred (May, August or December).


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