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It's pretty infuriating because I've finished with moderately high grades and am now stuck because of this supervisor at the end.First of all, any relationship is a two way street.After the meeting, I would just compose an email with the bottom line(s) of the meet-up.

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The problem is that they are from a chapter that has long passed review (and was agreed upon by him that it is correct, both theoretically and grammatically).

Any help as to how I may actually complete this thesis?

For example, the suggestions I have received this week are inconsistent with what he requested the week before, but consistent with what was needed two weeks back.

There is always this back and forth between what I should modify within my thesis (he doesn't keep any records of what he suggested and always ends up in giving advice that contradicts what he mentioned previously).

A hook is a way to inject a particular piece of code or function into a specific location within Word Press.

Thesis Classic Responsive

There is a list of the many available hook locations on the Thesis support site.

With that out of the way, let's discuss what you can do in the situation.

Your adviser is obviously either way too busy or just too easy-going. (I'm not going to suggest to find another supervisor, because you won't be always in a situation where you can afford to do so and you'll rather often encounter such people you need to collaborate with) I had a somewhat similar situation regarding the conflicting requirements a while back.

My Masters' thesis supervisor is incredibly superficial as in he doesn't respond to messages in a timely manner; I am not talking about understandable delays such as a few days or perhaps even a week but 15 weeks all in all.

What I have tried up to now is to have a professional discussion about my progress so far, feedback and future directions.


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