Thesis Committee Meeting

Thesis Committee Meeting-45
More frequent one-on-one meetings are strongly recommended.Thesis Committee Member changes must be approved by submitting a petition to the Chair of the Graduate Program Committee.Please choose your Thesis Committee Members according to this regulation.

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In case of a necessary extension of your contract please ensure that all the necessary documents (TC form signed by all thesis committee members, progress report, work and time plan) are at the Graduate Student’s Office two months prior to expiration of your contract.

If due to unforeseen reasons in exceptional cases an extension is decided on short notice, all necessary documents have to be sent to the Graduate Student’s Office no later than two weeks prior to the expiration of your contract.

The aims should be 2 pages long (at most/ 12pt font).

After each up-to-date Specific Aim, please add a few sentences outlining the status of that aim.

The written documentation has to be sent to the Graduate Student Office.

Please send us the names of your Thesis Committee members within the first six months of your doctoral project.In addition to the Oral Exam/Thesis Proposal, the student must eventually present at least two Regular Thesis Committee Meeting Reports (one of which must be a Final Thesis Committee Meeting Report) and a Thesis Defense to the Thesis Committee.Progress Reports are required once a year or more frequently if the Thesis Committee so requests.At the Progress Report presentation, the student should hand out photocopies of slides to the Thesis Committee Members (generally, this will be a print out of a Power Point presentation).Also, the student should provide the Committee Chair with a yellow “Verification of Presentation” form to complete and submit to Academic Office.The Thesis Committee is assembled within the first three months of the doctoral thesis by the graduate student, with support from the direct adviser.It consists of at least three people and generally comprises the following persons: Over the next three years, your doctoral project will be supervised by a personal Thesis Committee consisting of your direct adviser, the adviser at the University and an external adviser.The Committee Chair (who presides at all Committee meetings, including the Oral Examination) must be a BE faculty member. The Thesis Committee must be approved prior to the scheduling of the thesis proposal/oral exam presentation, which must take place in the spring academic semester following the spring semester in which the General Written Exam is successfully completed.It is expected that the student and supervisor will hold progress reviews with the entire Thesis Committee at least once a year.Bathe, copy to Academic Office) to request approval of the Thesis Committee membership.The Committee should be comprised of the thesis advisor(s) plus a minimum of two additional members, at least one of whom must be a member of the BE faculty. Thesis Committee has the responsibility of advising a student on all aspects of the thesis experience, from the proposal process through the preparation and defense of the final document.


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