Thesis Nutrition Education

These health conditions develop due to the many challenges they face in acquiring healthy foods and adequate nutrition.

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Diet is strongly associated with many risk factors for chronic disease.

Educational programs such as the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) are designed to improve dietary behaviors among low-income populations.

Use of the website, staff nutrition knowledge, attitudes, confidence and sense of community were evaluated using a qualitative, netnographic approach, through conversation threads, interviews and observations. Determining educators' needs to support healthy eating environments in early childhood settings.

Quantitative data collection methods including pre- and post-intervention surveys and web analytics were utilised to triangulate these findings. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 42(2), 20.

Despite the “netnographic slog”, that is, the persistence and continued attempts to recruit educators and encourage them to engage with the website, findings suggest that the SNAC website was well utilised and valued by more than 1200 SNAC members, attracting over 90,000 page views and 600 posts/comments.

Educators valued the ‘information wrapped in support’ offered by the website, and a sense of community developed, particularly around shared emotional connection.

There was also minimal change in dietary behaviors, similar to previous studies.

From these results, we can conclude that providing training in self-regulation may be necessary to improve the particpiants' dietary behaviors.

This research has shown the need for changes in public health policy to reprioritise a healthy eating environment in Australian childcare facilities; changes that foreground optimal nutrition in the early years as vital for future health and wellbeing.

However, given that high-level policy change is often difficult and time consuming, the demonstrated disparity between reported and observed knowledge and behaviours highlights the need for shorter term strategies that address the support so badly needed, to ensure the long-term sustainability of these changes.


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