Thesis On Isolation In Frankenstein

No other human seems to understand what drives him. Victor knows ambition, and what it's like to be misunderstood and lonely in that ambition. He turns the ship around and heads south, probably saving his own life and that of his crew.

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Mary Shelley's 1818 masterpiece, Frankenstein, presents one of the greatest science fiction-horror stories of all time. Victor Frankenstein and his monstrous creation has captivated audiences for almost 200 years now.

A large part of the novel's staying power can be attributed to its ability to address universal human themes--the thoughts and feelings with which we can all identify.

The monster has the capacity to be a profoundly gentle and loving being, but he can only withstand his loneliness for so long.

The rage and destruction that follow merely reflect the depth of his pain.

Of course, no one in Shelley's novel is more alienated than the monster himself.

His first encounter with humankind is rejection: his creator, Victor Frankenstein, is horrified by what he has done and recoils from the monster at the moment of his birth.This is particularly true of the novel's exploration of alienation, that terrible feeling of being misunderstood, isolated, and alone, even in the middle of a crowd.Shelley suggests that alienation is a feeling we all endure and it can make us do desperate and terrible things.When he can, he practices speech and softening his voice to a gentle timbre.He watches how the family moves and behaves toward one another, all in the desperate hope that his gentle heart and loving spirit will be recognized above his gruesome appearance. The De Laceys react with the same horror and terror as his creator and the townspeople.His isolation became more pronounced when he began in earnest his project to harness the powers of life and death.His lofty ambitions to create life stem partially from grief. He wonders how anyone can possibly forgive or love him again.So he seeks revenge on the man responsible for his outcast birth. If Victor will create for him a wife, someone to end his loneliness, then he and his bride will retreat to the jungles of South America and never bother humanity again.Victor imagines an entire race of monsters springing from this one couple, and refuses his creation's request.Within hours, the monster is driven into the forest by terrified townspeople, who viciously attack him on sight.Eventually, he stumbles upon the De Lacey home, where he hides for months.


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