Thesis On Isolation Of Bacteria

Thesis On Isolation Of Bacteria-90
p H was determined in Electrometric method with the help of a p H meter using combination glass electrode.Chemical analysis of waste Chemical characteristic of sample were analyzed for the following properties: Organic matter (%), total N(%), P(%) and K(%).

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In this technique sample suspension was prepared by adding soil mixed with waste (1g) was added to 10ml of sterile water (the stock) and shaken vigorously for at least 1 minute. Sterile dilution blanks were marked sequentially starting from stock and10.

From each dilution tube 0.1ml of dilution fluid was transferred into Nutrient Agar culture media and incubated at 37°C for 24hours.

Determination of moisture content (%) and p H of waste samples Freshly collected samples were kept in filter paper and the initial weight was recorded.

After that these samples were kept inside a hot air incubator at 110 °C.

With the doubling of population and changing lifestyle pattern of the inhabitants the quantity of municipal waste generated is increasing in an alarming rate.

Most of this waste is subjected to dumping in a specified disposal yard.

Among the 9 isolates 6 exhibited protease production and 1 was selected for protease production with high titer value.

All of the 6 strains capable of producing protease were also applied for waste degradation efficiency test.

To cope up with the demand for new organisms with properties of production of unique enzymes/molecules for industrial application and waste degradation there have been a constant effort in isolating novel bacteria from diverse environment.

Accordingly, the present study was aimed to investigate bacterial strains from waste dump sites with the ultimate objective of waste degradation and discovering novel bioactive compounds for industrial application.


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