Thesis On Twain As A Racist

Thesis On Twain As A Racist-33
He is confronted by two opposing forces, the force of society and the force of friendship.

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Jim and the millions of other slaves in the South were not permitted any formal education, were never allowed any independent thought and were constantly maltreated and abused.

Twain is merely portraying by way of Jim, a very realistic slave raised in the South during that time period.

At several points in the novel, Jim's character is described to the reader, and some people have looked upon the characterization as racist.

However, before one begins to censor a novel it is important to separate the ideas of the author from the ideas' of his characters.

Twain brings out into the open the ugliness of society and causes the reader to challenge the original description of Jim.

In his subtle manner, he creates not an apology for slavery but a challenge to it.Huckleberry Finn is a homeless boy who lives in the fictional town of St. His mother is dead, and his father, whom he calls Pap, has abandoned him.Huck becomes wealthy when he finds treasure in a cave.A connection which does not exist between a man and his property.When Huck first meets Jim on the Island he makes a monumental decision, not to turn Jim in.Life is full of dilemmas, and doing the right thing is rarely easy.In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain examines racism in the antebellum South and describes the protagonist Huck's struggle against it.However, he is never able to see a reason why this man who has become one of his only friends, should be a slave.Through this internal struggle, Twain expresses his opinions of the absurdity of slavery and the importance of following one's personal conscience before the laws of society.The racist and hateful contempt which existed at the time is at many times present.But, it is vital for the reader to recognize these ideas as society's and to recognize that Twain throughout the novel disputes these ideas.


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