Thesis Textile Industry

Thesis Textile Industry-19
It enables industrial remanufacturing for global fashion brands.They offer a waste inventory service for large textile manufacturers.

It enables industrial remanufacturing for global fashion brands.

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The information about those leftovers is made available to brand designers. During production billions of tons of materials go to waste.

Industrial remanufacturing takes this waste back to production by giving new design input.

The display features the culmination of four years of hard work by the graduating class.

Students and faculty proudly exhibit and explain their work to visitors including media representatives, foreign dignitaries, leaders from the fashion and textile industries, recruiters from corporate sector and bureaucrats from the public sector.

With my background in economics, I knew there was a business solution in it. I had been unsuccessfully searching for a funding or support scheme for this idea for over a year.

I had almost given up on the whole idea.” At that point Climate Launchpad came along. Her Climate Launchpad coach advised her to go for the idea of textile remanufacturing, as this one was really promising. What we learnt during Boot Camp wasn’t really new for me. But the real boost came from putting things into practice.The Fashion and Design Department participated in the most awaited event of the year for Fashion Industry, Islamabad Fashion Week.Where our best students from the graduating batch showcased their finest collections.Their instant feedback was: ‘We’re in, we’re going to do that with you.’ It’s experiences like that that make it so rewarding to do this.” The global change award came with a €150k grant. We now have a subcontracting partner for developing software. We work with an remanufacturing designer, who has experience with running her own brand and collections.So much has happened since joining Climate Launchpad, it’s been a journey filled with small and big victories.The financial forecast now says €50mln in 5 years time. Software is usually developed to simplify or optimise something a client is already doing.Quite a difference in how big you dare to think.” As we speak Reverse Resources has just come back from Bangladesh where their pilot project with a large global fashion brand is moving along great. Reverse Resources is actually helping brands and suppliers do something they have never done before and so build a new market: “It’s not only our software that we are developing in pilot, we first have to show brands and buyers that remanufacturing makes sense.Turns out that Climate Launchpad wasn’t even the worst of it.Afterwards I had to do so much pitching, I still do.I had worked with an remanufacturing designer for five years and did my master thesis about decrementation in the textile industry.I was fascinated about the idea, but it wasn’t my job. We’d done some concept testing, but the idea remained mostly hypothetical.


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