Tips Writing Great Research Paper

Rather than writing “Author (Year) says that this argument is sound,” replace “says” with “states,” for an immediate improvement: “Author (Year) states that this argument is sound.” A statement is pretty straightforward in terms of connotation, and a relatively neutral way to introduce someone’s idea.

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One way to improve diction is through the use of a dictionary, which is a tool to help you to understand words and related terms.

A thesaurus is also invaluable to look up synonyms, which mean the same thing, and antonyms, which mean the opposite, for any given word.

A history paper might include verbose, subjective, first-person summaries of historical events.

A biology project, on the other hand, is unlikely to require these types of details, instead focusing on objective descriptions of empirical data.

Writing a short note, or even a text message, can help sum up any insights or epiphanies in a succinct and useful way.

For example, if the prompt asks for an essay about the American civil war, one might come up with a few words or ideas that could be developed further: Lincoln’s presidency, speeches, impact of slavery, North vs.

South, union and confederate forces, economic differences, battles, generals.

Starting early will allow you to gather and digest resources pertaining to your topic and refine your thesis until it is specific, unique, and interesting.

Needless to say, the word “said” is an immature method of presenting another author’s or character’s ideas. There are numerous creative words that capture the idea of the word “said,” each with its own nuanced connotations.

Remember that in many instances, an author’s argument should be stated in the present tense.


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