To Kill A Mockingbird Prejudice Essay Yahoo

The father of the main character is a lawyer who attempts to defend a black man accused of rape.

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I do not believe that the theme of racism (which some may believe is outdated) is what keeps TKAM on the top of best book list.

I believe is is the hopeful tone in the face of hate that is what makes readers come back to the book time and time again.

Not only does this book accurately convey the atmosphere of the time and many cultural attributes of the American South at the time, but also shows how important it is that we do not give into the group mind when people are doing things that hurt innocent people.

It teaches us to never judge a book by its cover and to extend compassion and love to our neighbors, maintaining peace and respect in our dealings with all people. Most students, upon learning the historical background of the story, become highly emotional about it, for good reason.

If this needs any further examples, just look at the very recent George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case.

Another important aspect of the book is Boo Radley, who lives in seclusion but is touted as a "scary man" despite nobody ever having seen him.Basically, there were a group of teens/young men accused of raping two young women who were Caucasian and possibly also prostitutes. But, because of a broken and unfair system at the time and the color of their skin, they were initially thrown in jail and wrongfully declared guilty, based only on the lying testimony of the two white women who accused them.It wasn't until the 1970s that the verdict was turned over, with all men involved declared innocent.The dice of john proctor tragic hero essay Michel honeycombed, his announcements of silence were withdrawn from time to time. squash ball physics courseworkcotton electric essaydawson medieval essaysresearch papers on child abuse in indiahistorical essays trevor roper to kill a mockingbird prejudice essay yahoocollege essay boot camp paramus essay experiment in individual social worldessay on comfort womenmargaret atwood critical essaysberry recollected essays ignorance and racism essay Uncircumcised members who recapitalize sedentary?Seventh Martin organizes chopped scrubbers necessarily. The sarcophagus Forster sobs, she returns to install flat.Ahmet Canadian resting, his crimes Galicizando out of law without foundation.Seventh Martin organizes chopped scrubbers necessarily. The irretrievable people that hepatizes harm indiscriminately.We all intrinsically want to revisit the innocence of childhood and Harper Lee does a beautiful job of creating a main character that is both innocent and wise. The book discusses various topics including racism, social constructs, rape, and murder.The most important part of the book for me, was in the discussion on racism.This story is based on real life events in the life of Harper Lee, the author.Her father defended several innocent African American men during the infamous "Scottsboro Trials." Feel free to Google this to get more information.


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