To What Extent Is Formal Education Effective Essay

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Do you consider success to be a big bank balance, exotic cars, a huge house, and a prestigious job title?I think this is an illusion of success, but then again, everyone will have a different idea of what success is, and that’s okay. Did you make sure that future generations lead a better more comfortable life than you did?I have heard several statements of the same effect and every time I hear such statements I always ask, Sure, if you are looking for professional white-collar employment it may be necessary for you to have gone the whole nine yards in formal education and attained that degree or that Master’s degree. If you are anything like me, the answer is definite ‘No’.

Education has contributed immensely to social development across the world and has provided different people with the skills necessary to navigate a world beyond their own.Have you ever heard someone say that if they could just go back to school and get their degree they would be successful?Or if they could only get their Master’s degree they would be better off?writers, actors, activists, religious leaders, entrepreneurs, fathers…these people are remembered not for the size of their banks or mansions but for the number of hearts they touched and the impact they had on the world.In the past, a lot of people have dropped out of school to follow an unconventional idea of success, to work on their passions, and they became hugely successful.These people chose to educate themselves informally to reach their goals and they eventually found success and happiness. The real point of education is to make us aware of ourselves and the world around us.I am against the idea that formal education came to save developing countries whose people were disorganized savages constantly at war with each other.However, I do believe that formal education has played a role in social integration and contributed to the blurring of ethnic lines in young nations.This can’t be done by going through college but by feeding my passion, educating myself on social thinking patterns and approaches that resonate with the masses, hence effectively positioning myself to influence change.For me, this is the most important kind of education, one driven by passion as opposed to the hopes of a stable life.


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