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So you can use the summer to tackle the ICS list, because they're not all compulsory but they're all good to know!

And you could also start with the middle English, just to get used to the language.

All of your first year modules are assessed through exams; in 2nd and 3rd year you have a choice to drop an exam and do an 8000 word essat instead - but only one exam per year, so you still have to sit 6 exams across the 2 years.

The compulsory courses (Shakespeare, Chaucer and Commentary and Analysis) have to be done as an exam - and those exams are all 6 hours.

I haven't found anything about this on the uni's website, so I'm hoping someone who's doing/has done the course could give me some feedback! I thinkthere's one on one tutorials every fortnight, but it would be nice to hear about what people's' experiences of these are and if they continue into the second and third years. You might want to look at the course handbooks available on the website here: Thanks for the link!

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Also looking to firm my offer- and I'd appreciate a reply from a current student too!Actually, the exam wasn't that bad - I have a 3 hour closed book one coming up this week and I find myself wishing I had the extra time!Definitely, definitely try and get through Paradise Lost - it's really dense so it will probably take you a while (and don't worry if you struggle!In the course guide, it says you're advised to do 40 hours of work per week, which is over 30 hours independent study (no-one actually does that much, but it's good to bear in mind! That doesn't include tutorials, which are half an hour, once a fortnight - and they're one on one.It's a really valuable part of the course - you get to talk to your tutor about your essays in detail, rather than having it marked and just handed back to you.2nd and 3rd year is much the same - a few of the options are solely seninar-based, so you have no lectures, but most of them are weekly 1hr lectures and fortnightly 2hr seminars, and your tutorials continue.Work-wise, the reading is not too much - after all, you have a lot of free time!Across those courses, you end up studying Middle and Old English (so you'll read some OE poetry, Beowulf, Chaucer and other ME texts) and some of the most important canonical works - you basically start with the Odyssey, and work right up to the present day.This means that you don't get a lot of choice (or in fact any) in your first year modules, but you get an overview of all the modules for 2nd and 3rd year - so when it comes to picking your options, you'll be much better informed.The course in second and third year varies depending on your modules, but first year is standard for everyone: you have 4 modules, Narrative Texts, Medieval English, Criticism and Intellectual and Cultural Sources.You have one lecture per course per week (each is an hour) and the equivalent of one seminar (also an hour) per course per week as well - in my year, Criticism and ICS were run as 1.5 hour seminars on alternate weeks, but I dont know if this happens every year.


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