Underage Drinking Essay

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Back in the days, underage drinking in the US happened if the teenagers were younger than 18 years old.

The authorities have increased this age up to 21 years in an attempt to prevent a multitude of road accidents in which drunken teenagers are involved.

These accidents usually have bad consequences such as major injuries and even death.

Unfortunately, some experts agree that increasing the minimum legal drinking age was a mistake as plenty of teenagers still hide indoors, drink wine alone, and get drunk regularly.

Would you as a parent or individual instead have childs imbibing at a house with chaperons where they will be remaining all dark or drive place rummy because you do non O. My solution is simple extinguish the imbibing age all together.

I feel it is the parent & # 8217 ; s duty to educate their childs on drugs like intoxicant, non the authoritiess.

Out of all the childs I know that drink they do it for the merriment of it, the bang of making something illegal, and they do in surplus because they can merely imbibe one or two darks a hebdomad.

On the other side all of the childs I know whose parents allowed them to imbibe at place found imbibing in extra stupid and deadening. Underage Drinking Essay Research Paper Underage Drinking Many.

I have a friend who was a foreign exchage pupil from Switzerland, where there is no imbibing age, she looked at imbibing as a normal thing, but she besides said they don & # 8217 ; Ts have this job over at that place as childs know they can ever acquire it the Don & # 8217 ; t imbibe as frequently.

I found that a small spot interesting, but I besides see the point.


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