What Is A Good Architectural Thesis Project

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Conor Brown points out details on his project, "East Village Regen." Chadd Cady for the San Diego Union-Tribune His solution: an “academic corridor” to serve East Village’s growing population and bridge the divide between spiffy high-rise residential towers and leftover warehouses, parking lots and other remnants of the neighborhood’s historic industrial use.“Everyone loves the Chargers, but is this the way to go? He said the stadium’s success will depend on how it’s designed to fit into the surrounding East Village community.

Given the expected tripling of East Village’s population over the next 20 years, Brown said educational institutions and their recreational components could bind the residents and daytime working population together.

Additional university presses and museum publishers are being added to this interactive platform.

Second, in addition to architectural and interior design projects, we also published many op-eds, ideas, thesis projects and research.

SAN DIEGO, June 24th, 2016 | The New School of Architecture and Design hosted an open house for grad students to present their work at their campus downtown.

Brandi Rosso points towards a map on her project board while explaining details of her project, “Garage Society,” to Rob Golden.

Chadd Cady for the San Diego Union-Tribune Leave it to architecture graduate school students to solve urban problems or make our lives easier.

Among the concepts explored by this year’s Newschool of Architecture and Design’s class of 2016 are turning parking garages into housing; improving walkability by erecting classrooms over Broadway; and de-stressing workers by opening “biodomes” in Balboa Park.

Diyaa Hafez presents his project, "La Flaneur," a revamp of Balboa Park focused on total relaxation and stress relief.

Chadd Cady for the San Diego Union-Tribune Each dome would house a different environment — a tropical jungle, herbal greenhouse and a forest typical of the Northwest or Canada.


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