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What is so wrong with saying that American jobs should be protected by the government (something which the German state does regularly via Niedersachsen with VW).On the contrary - America is showing exactly what a dynamic democracy can do, and rather than electing corrupt elites, it is going for fresh blood that is not afraid to speak for the masses.

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Rhode Island is known as “The Ocean State.” Admitting States to the Union – Article IV, Section 3 on entry of new states to the Union, and how the U. Constitution protects each state individually and as a whole nation; all of the original thirteen states except Rhode Island sent delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention to complete the new U. Constitution that includes Article IV; the Northwest Ordinance 14 – Vermont – March 4, 1791 On March 4, 1791, Vermont, known as “The Green Mountain State” was the first admitted to the Union after the U. Constitution was ratified by the original thirteen colonies. The current Kentucky State Constitution in use was adopted in 1891 Guest Essayists: James C. “The Volunteer State” currently uses its latest version of the Tennessee State Constitution adopted in 1870 17 – Ohio – March 1, 1803 The seventeenth state to enter the Union, known as “The Buckeye State,” Ohio ratified the U. The current Louisiana State Constitution in use was adopted in 1975; Louisiana Purchase, territory history prior to the statehood 19 – Indiana – December 11, 1816 The U. Constitution ratification date of December 11, 1816 marks Indiana as the nineteenth state to enter the Union. Known as “The Prairie State,” the Illinois State Constitution adopted in 1970 is the version currently used 22 – Alabama – December 14, 1819 The December 3, 1818 ratification of the U. Constitution by Alabama brought the twenty-second state into the Union. The current Maine State Constitution in use was adopted in 1820 Guest Essayist: Jeff Hollingsworth, Director of Foundation Relations, The Fund for American Studies 24 – Missouri – August 10, 1821 “The Show-Me State” of Missouri ratified the U. Constitution August 10, 1821 making it the twenty-fourth state to join the United States. The adopted 1968 Michigan State Constitution is the version in use today 28 – Texas – December 29, 1845 The “Lone Star State” of Texas ratified the U. Constitution on December 29, 1845 making it the twenty-eighth to enter the Union.

The current Vermont State Constitution in use was adopted in 1793 15 – Kentucky – June 1, 1792 Known as “The Bluegrass State,” Kentucky is the fifteenth state to enter the Union, having ratified the U. Hail, Professor of Government, School of Public Affairs; Assistant Dean and Director of the Statesmanship Center, Morehead State University, Kentucky 16 – Tennessee – June 1, 1796 Tennessee entered the Union as the sixteenth state, having ratified the U. The Indiana State Constitution currently in use was adopted in 1851. The current Mississippi State Constitution in use was adopted in 1890 21 – Illinois – December 3, 1818 Admitted to the Union December 3, 1818, Illinois is the twenty-first state to ratify the U. “The Heart of Dixie” currently uses the Alabama State Constitution adopted in 1901 23 – Maine – March 15, 1820 Known as “The Pine Tree State,” Maine is the twenty-third to enter the Union, doing so by ratifying the U. The Missouri State Constitution currently in use was adopted in 1945 Founders’ Vision for Keeping the States Strong, United, and Free – Thomas Jefferson’s 1798 Nullification in the Kentucky Resolution, how it contributed to John Calhoun’s 1830s Nullification, acts showing how each state has a duty and right to question and determine if federal laws exceed constitutional limits on federal powers, obstructing state sovereignty 25 – Arkansas – June 15, 1836 Twenty-Fifth of the growing United States to be added was Arkansas, known as “The Natural State.” The current Arkansas State Constitution in use today was adopted in 1874 26 – Michigan – January 26, 1837 Michigan, known as “The Wolverine State,” was admitted to the United States January 26, 1837 making it the twenty-sixth to ratify the U. The Texas State Constitution currently in use was adopted in 1876 29 – Iowa – December 28, 1846 The U. Constitution ratified by Iowa on December 28, 1846 admitted “The Hawkeye State” as the twenty-ninth to enter the Union. The Wisconsin State Constitution currently in use was adopted in 1848 31 – California – September 9, 1850 Ratifying the U. Constitution September 9, 1850, California, known as “The Golden State,” was the thirty-first admitted to the United States.

The Oklahoma State Constitution adopted in 1907 is the current version used today Guest Essayist: Wilfred M.

Only a nuclear attack could destroy America faster than Donald Trump as President.

Georgia is known as “The Peach State” or “Empire State of the South.” 5 – Connecticut – January 9, 1788 Fifth of the thirteen original states to ratify the U. Constitution, Connecticut was admitted to the United States January 9, 1788.

The Connecticut State Constitution currently in use was adopted in 1965, and is known as “The Constitution State.” 6 – Massachusetts – February 6, 1788 “The Bay State,” Massachusetts, is sixth of the thirteen original states to ratify the U. Constitution and thus be admitted to the Union of the United States. The current Maryland State Constitution in use was adopted in 1867.

The 2019 Constituting America 90 Day Study on State and Local Government expounds upon the gravity of that which makes America thrive due to strict limits of its federal governing powers, directing attention to the true holders of America’s power, her people, and consent of the governed that results in a flourishing United States.

Condensed Table of Contents Detailed Table of Contents With Links to Essays as They Are Published Introduction – History and constitutional background of American Founders’ and Framers’ views on local governments for a strong, free, prosperous United States Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution – Purpose for limited federal powers and what the amendment means for state and local government; Bill of Rights as “a Line drawn as clearly as may be between the federal Powers vested in Congress and the distinct Sovereignty of the several States upon which the private and personal Rights of the Citizens depend.” – Samuel Adams Federalist 45 on Connection of the States to the Federal Level – “…each of the principal branches of the federal government will owe its existence more or less to the favor of the State governments, and must consequently feel a dependence, which is much more likely to beget a disposition too obsequious than too overbearing towards them.” – James Madison 1 – Delaware – December 7, 1787 As the Constitutional Convention came to a close in Philadelphia, America’s founding representatives signed the United States Constitution on September 17, 1787.

Known as “The Peace Garden State,” it uses the North Dakota State Constitution adopted in 1889 40 – South Dakota – November 2, 1889 The “Mount Rushmore State” of South Dakota, on the same day as its northern counterpart, ratified the U. Constitution November 2, 1889 making it the fortieth to enter the United States. The Hawaii State Constitution adopted in 1959 is the version in use today Territories of the United States – Major territories of the U. include American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U. Virgin Islands; history surrounding types of territories or commonwealths connected to the United States; how the Organic Act establishes a U. territory and its governance; purpose and difference between remaining a territory or obtaining statehood State Capitals and State Capitols – Importance of state capital cities and their respective state capitol buildings where legislatures meet; significances even in design and construction offering symbols of America’s history with separate places for the house, senate, governor and state judiciaries as reminders of the separation of powers in every level of government from federal to local as envisioned by America’s Founders and Constitution Framers Guest Essayist: Greg Davidson, Executive Clerk to the Governor, Office of the Governor, Texas Washington, D. – February 21, 1871 While not a state in the Union, Washington, D. was founded July 16, 1790 and serves as the nation’s capital.

Plus, in the same year of 1889, the South Dakota State Constitution in use today was adopted 41 – Montana – November 8, 1889 Entering the Union as the forty-first state, Montana ratified the U. Constitution November 8, 1889 and is known as “The Treasure State.” The current Montana State Constitution in use was adopted in 1973 Guest Essayist: Brad Bergford, Chief Executive Officer, Colorado Family Action and Colorado Family Action Foundation 42 – Washington – November 11, 1889 Washington, known as “The Evergreen State,” became the forty-second to ratify the U. Constitution, admitted to the Union November 11, 1889. The Alaska State Constitution currently in use was actually ratified in 1956 before Alaska entered the Union, and went into effect upon statehood January 3, 1959 50 – Hawaii – August 21, 1959 The last and fiftieth state to enter the Union, “The Aloha State” of Hawaii, ratified the U. The name is derived from America’s first president, George Washington, who selected the location.


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