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About the Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board CEQB is a committee of the Engineers Canada Board and is a volunteer-based organization that provides national leadership and recommendations to regulators on the practice of engineering in Canada.CEQB develops guidelines and white papers for regulators and the public that enable the assessment of engineering qualifications, facilitate the mobility of engineers, and foster excellence in engineering practice and regulation.The regulation and enforcement of software engineering practice has proven to be a difficult task, since activities such as software programming may often appear to overlap with software engineering.

and then; Were software engineering principles applied?

Evaluation of these questions and an explanation of software engineering principles are contained in the next section.

In some jurisdictions some individuals may be qualified for a limited license, which would grant them the right to practice within a limited scope.

In order to protect the public and to prevent unqualified software development practitioners from assuming the responsibilities or the title of licensed software engineer, regulators need an understanding of the scope of regulated practice in software engineering.

The first question to ask is “Does this work/act affect the public interest in terms of life, health, property, economic interests, the public welfare or the environment?

” [6] A key indicator that a software or system falls within the exclusive scope of software engineering is whether failure or malfunctioning of the software or system could present a hazard to “life, health, property, economic interests, the public welfare or the environment.” While it could be argued that the software itself cannot present a hazard, software as part of a system certainly can, and the nature of the resulting risk depends on the nature and application of the system.

However software engineering practitioners seeking licensure are less likely to be graduates of an accredited program in software engineering, and come from a wide range of backgrounds in industry.

There are thousands of software developers practising in industry, many of whom lack the knowledge, skills and experience to practise engineering.

It also includes an exploration of aspects that may be practised by others in addition to licensed software engineers.

The document is not exhaustive, and is only intended to add to other information and tools currently used by the engineering regulators for the regulation of this field.


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