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Our utmost goal in the food and beverage distribution industry is to have returns in profits.This, we will do by abiding by the laws of the United States, and by doing all that is permissible by law to achieve our business goals and objectives.Today, it is very typical of distribution companies to use technological aids to forecast consumer demand patterns, and consequently strategize their businesses to satisfy the needs of consumers. – Beverage and Carbonated Soft Drinks Retailers SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGY We carried out a feasibility study before choosing the location of our company.

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For us to actualize our goals and objectives, we will make sure we put in place the right business structure. We will hire only honest and competent candidates that are ready to work with us to build our company into the desired level.

Thorough interview sessions will be organized by the owners to select qualified candidates for each position.

Our services will especially target the following categories of people: – Household Units. We will promote our business online and offline by advertising our business on radio and television stations, local business magazines, etc, as well as establishing a website for our business, having a Facebook page, and connecting on Twitter and Instagram.

FINANCIAL PLAN Startup costs The total startup investment sum required is an estimated amount of $550,000.

Also, this projection does not consider the emergence of a major competitor within the same location, nor does it consider the occurrence of any major economic downturn.

Year One 0,000 Year Two 0,000 Year Three 0,000 CONCLUSION The above is a detailed sample of a beverage distribution business plan.

This vision will be actualized by making sure we employ the right employees for our company; ensure we give nothing short of our best towards offering the best services to our customers.

MISSION STATEMENT Our mission at Tommy & Peterson Distribution Company is to establish our business as one, in the food and beverage distribution industry, that is committed to distributing a broad range of top quality beverages and carbonated soft drinks sourced from reputable manufacturing companies to our customers all around Las Vegas and the whole of United States.

In no particular listing arrangement, the following are the key positions that will need to be occupied by qualified candidates: PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Tommy & Peterson Distribution Company is a company in the food and beverage distribution industry that will focus its resources in the distribution of a broad range of quality goods and products.

Our goods and products will be sourced from a number of reputable manufacturing companies both in the United States as well as other countries around the globe.


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