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Country: Chile Problem: While Chile is considered to be a leader of South American renewable energy sector, there’s still a transmission problem since solar installations often were built quicker than a transmission network.Thus many companies and individuals can’t benefit from country’s solar energy potential.

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While some of the projects (such as biomass generation or solar energy capturing) require substantial funding, others can be developed by simply putting together a team of enthusiasts and working productively towards a common goal.

Are there any startups that solve the problems of your community?

Solution: Tree Planet has developed a mobile game about trees with in-game purchases and advertising revenues being spent on planting trees in real life.

Since its launch in 2010 Tree Planet has planted more than 400,000 trees in 10 countries.

Solution: Zéro-Gâchis created a platform through which supermarkets can inform the consumers that they have discounts on food approaching its sell-by date. Supermarkets who would otherwise throw away food can now sell it and customers get access to cheaper food options.

Zéro-Gâchis manage to decrease food waste in partner stores by 50%.Solution: Fenix International leases off grid solar panels and batteries for as little as 35 cents per day.It’s cheaper and cleaner than widespread kerosene solutions and allows people to do work after dark as well as not paying for charging their cell phones – it is estimated that people who live off-grid spend billion on phone charging annually.Country: Guatemala Problem: The majority of rural communities in Guatemala are living below the poverty line with most work are still being done manually instead of powered by electricity.Solution: Maya Pedal is repurposing old bicycles to create pedal powered machines which allow people to do such work as pumping water, grinding corn etc.Solution: Solarity B2B startup sells and mounts small- and medium-sizesd photovoltaic installations on rooftops.This way companies can immediately benefit from using renewable energy source.much quicker and therefore produce more agricultural goods for sale and improve their financial situation.Country: France Problem: Supermarkets often have to throw away food due to expiration.Data is collected on roads that require urgent repair.UARoads currently have over 39,000 registered users and the total length of the recorded and evaluated roads is over 42,000 miles.


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