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Here are some head-ups for you on this: You might have already noticed that there are very few essays you could reliably attribute to one or another kind. This task is a bit more complicated as it tilts to scientific paper writing.You still present your thesis, use your well-weighed criteria, and provide your evidence.

Evaluation essays represent a special type of writing not to be mixed up with any other: its clear distinction is the purpose to evaluate the quality of something important, and/or something the reader might be not informed about good enough.

It can be a particular item: a type of food, a brand of cars, a cultural event, a specific kind of entertainment, a service, or a business.

Concentrate on your evaluative thesis and on the evidence you provide in order to show your well-balanced critical approach.

A movie evaluation essay is a challenging, ambitious and interesting task even if you are not going to become a professional movie critic.

Practically, everything that people might do, can be evaluated, or needs an evaluation.

But as long as nobody is interested to learn about the writer’s biased opinion, this specific type of essay writing implies a need to come up with serious reasoning and argumentation.

When they are given the task to write a restaurant evaluation essay, they write a restaurant review.

While these two types of writing have certain similarities, they are different. Here you need to evaluate, and, at the same time, to present your argument.

Don’t claim you were utterly successful, even if you really were.

Neither an excessive concentration on your failures is welcomed.


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