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Money does not exist, but everyone shares what they have, and do not expect anything in return. My hair is ruby red, and long, and it behaves itself. I know what I want and I never get writer's block. No one speaks too loudly, and no one shouts except in joy.

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This microchip would produce proteins and hormones that would keep the body going at a constant state.

Also implanted into the brain are memory chips that serves a person’s long term memory, and RAM that serves a person’s short term memory.

No one has ever seen this place so that is why I cannot describe it in full detail.

This “Memory Bank” as we call it has everyone’s thoughts and memories on file.

We have colonized the ocean to support our ever-growing population.

My Earth is not divided up into countries or territories for that only leads to war and suffering. At birth we are given a randomly generated path for life or...These two features help a person in their everyday life.For example if a student needed information for a test he would access his memory banks for the piece of information he needed and would retrieve it. Everyone’s memory is linked and stored together at a large mainframe database at the center of the earth.People never sleep in this world, for if they do they would miss half of their life.At birth the node that keeps track of the human rest cycle is surgically removed and in its place, a microchip is inserted.The state of the art machine quickly whisked me away to my 112th floor office atop one of the tallest buildings in the world.I did not know what day it was because again in this world there was nothing that kept track of the time, there wasn’t even any sun or moon for that matter.As legend has it, by the time the hotel’s slow-moving lift reached the fourth floor, Cohen and Joplin were destined to spend the night together.The Chelsea Hotel is one place with which Cohen is inextricably linked, thanks in large part to the song “Chelsea Hotel no.The day and night cycle was nonexistent, there was a constant light shining upon everyone.This light was always at a standard temperature; a person was never hot or cold but always “just right”.


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